Friday, May 25, 2012

The Internet & The World

I have been a huge fan of the internet since it's arrival on the scene. Even having to have put up with the numbing snails pace of dial up, I saw the internet as a way of connecting to the rest of the world, far faster than anything else I'd experienced before.

I remember sitting in front of my huge-really huge-monitor, typing away in the nascent chat rooms of AOL and thinking, wow, I am communicating with someone from Singapore, who happened to be up really late I guess, and someone from a European country I can't recall and saying "will you look at this, it just cannot get any better." Today we are teleconferencing across the globe, corporate news reporters and citizen reporters alike are chiming in via Skype and other applications, sharing with the rest of us both the tyrannical abuses of a countries government, and the mobilization of citizens taking a stand.

In short, I am hopeful of the powers that lay within the network of the internet and the spread of cellular communications technology would be the next big equalizer in the system of checks and balances between the people and our governments.