Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Internet & the World

Here we are 4 weeks into our online course and I am still fascinated by the fact that we are all working together remotely stationed at different terminals from all parts of the world.

We have had the opportunity to weigh in on one another's  thoughts through the participation of reading each others blogs post on to the web, transmitted through the internet and posted in near real time.

 I have read quite a few works written throughout history and feel certain that no other author has felt the level of power of being able to reach out to the masses, friends, family and others, with the effectiveness of the multimedia platform, as do many of the citizen journalist, authors, and cathartic bloggers that are connected to the world today by way of the internet.

I look forward  to the potential that lay ahead with the evolution and most productive use of the web.


  1. Indeed. For those of us who have been around for a few decades, sometimes we need to take a step back and think of the ways we used to communicate 20 or 30 years ago. I still remember when fax machines were all the hype. The company I work for in the late 80s had a telex machine, and a telex operator. The guy who used to operate the telex machine went on to become a network administrator and is now a computer guru. That is a good example of how far we have come in the ways we communicate with the world.

  2. One day maybe we will all sync up via brain waves. It seems everything else has already been done. It really is a great tool to get ideas from others via the internet. I can remember having to wait at home to get a call from my friend to go out and hit the baseball around. Today my daughter gets a text message from her friend and she is out the door. I think years ago we really had to work at communicating and today it too easy. Hopefully society can focus on using communication for the betterment of mankind and not to destroy it. I enjoyed your blog and will tune in next week to see what else you have for me.